October 27, 2011

Quick update


I've been silent for a while. Though there are so many things to be shared here, time seems to be so jealous of me that to write/type it down here seems like an impossible mission to be accomplished. But inshaAllah I'll try to put some entries as soon as possible. When Allah has asked us to keep reminding others, I guess nothing should stop us from doing that.

But for now, I have to focus on my study first. And my da'wah responsibility to the community first. And my responsibility as a child first. Huwaa so many things to do. * its okay, take a deep breath izyan* I guess I should be doing things little at a time. Step by step. May Allah make it easy for me so that I wont give up in the middle of this fight. And plus, what more should we do about this life but to keep giving ? Erti hidup pada memberi bak kata Ustaz Hasrizal. So yes, make du'a for me please? :)


Wayfarers said...

All the best wit ur study izyan:)

syimiekitty said...

ni la hidup kita :)

Izyan Zainuddin said...

Syahid: Time kasih yg bykk :) Bila la nak ada peluang jumpa syhid yg dah bekerjaya ni.. huhu

Shima: :)

Izyan Zainuddin said...
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