• Korea Selatan: Pandangan Sisi Dari Seorang Muslimah

    Written by Izyan Zainuddin  December 14, 2010   Comments »

    Syukur alhamdulillah, 4 hingga 11 Disember yang lalu, saya dan keluarga berpeluang untuk melancong ke Korea Selatan. Pengalamannnya, memang tiada tandingan. Walaubagaimanapun, benarlah kata pepatah, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri.

  • Moist Banana cake

    Written by Izyan Zainuddin  May 26, 2011   Comments »

    Terbaru, saya sempat buat moist banana cake yang saya rasakan adalah satu kejayaan sebab dulu pernah juga saya buat kek pisang , tapi bila dah masak jadi macam bingka pulak :(Anyways, resepi ini sangat mudah. Kalau tak ada mixer, guna saja spatula untuk mengacau. Dan kalau tak ada oven, guna saja pengukus...

  • A Glimpse of Jalan TAR

    Written by Izyan Zainuddin  February 15, 2011   Comments »

    Saya selalu suka untuk 'bersightseeing'. Jadi, bila diajak untuk teman kakak saya beli tudung di Jalan TAR, sudah tentu saya tak menolak. Bukan nak beli barang sangat pun, tapi saja nak lihat keadaan di sana sebab dah lama sangat tak ke Jalan TAR, tambahan pula sekarang tengah cuti seminggu. Perfect timing, tak perlu pening dulu fikir pasal kelas dan klinik....

  • Kita Masih Belum Faham

    Written by Izyan Zainuddin  May 28, 2010   Comments »

    Kemenangan Rima Fakih dalam Miss USA baru-baru ini telah mencetuskan kontroversi. Rima, seorang Arab-American telah dinobatan sebagai pemenang dalam pertandingan ratu cantik dan memewaskan puluhan yang lain. Tapi, kenapa kemenangan Rima mencetuskan kontroversi ya?

April 21, 2011

Strawberry kiwi buttercake


Oh strawberry n kiwi why are you so sour

Makes me been thinking what to do with you for almost an hour

Luckily the flour is still in store

So I guess this would be a cake once more

Its the end of the day, yes I feel tired

But the butter must be used before it gets expired

Come and join me guys, take a little break

And lets just enjoy this piece of cake !

Hihi.. tak pernah tahu pun rupa-rupanya baking pun is a type of stress therapy jugak.. *^^*
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April 3, 2011

Heart turmoil


I have been trying to put something in this blog, an educational one or any tazkirah, perhaps. But somehow I just dont have the idea on what to write. And seriously, I feel really bad about it. Could that mean I'm becoming further from Him and He now blocks my heart from seeing things that lead me to be closer to Him? Na'uzhubillah, please Ya Allah, dont leave me on my own...

These past few days were really a challenge. Life was really hectic until its really hard to find the time to have my meal, and thats from my schedule side. And from my little heart side, I just dont know what has got into me that I actually cried a lot and all of them because of the worldly problems that I have. I mean, come on Izyan.. if you ever want to cry, can you just please find a solid reason to do so?

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite. When people are feeling down and come to me for some advices, I actually manage to advise them well and boost their spirit. But when it is ME who got inflicted with problems, I just become WEAK. I just cry and cry and cry.. Haih~

And now I'm posting this, which is far from something educational. I'm sorry for posting such childish entry, but the turmoil in me just needs to get out. I need to get back in track. I need to become closer to Allah. I just need to be on my own without not so nice people around me who always break my heart when they say something without thinking the relevance of saying it (sheesh.. I guess now you know some of the things that add up to the mess in me!)

Nevertheless, I'm trying to be as positive as I can. I guess its just a nature or a fitrah for a human being to be sad when there are things that burden them or something that does not turn out well in his/her life. But to get carried away by it and keep thinking about it, I definitely think it is not a Muslim-way-of-thinking.

Please be strong dear heart! Tsk tsk

A calamity that makes you turn to Allah is better for you than a blessing which makes you forget the remembrance of Allah - Ibn Taymiyyah

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