May 5, 2010

Seeing health from different perspective

I used to be the kind of person who did not really bother about my health. I just ate everything that I liked, and did not really concern about the calories and fats in each servings. And exercise? The word sounds kind of alien to me, years ago.

I can still remember when I was in high school, there was a slot for physical exercise /riadah. So most of my friends would play games at the school field whilst I, just enjoyed the afternoon with a nice ice cream I bought at the co-op and went to study at my classroom (its a boarding school by the way, thats why we can go in and out of the classroom as we like, and I was not really a bookworm, its the laziness of doing the exercise that forced me to study :p)

So that was when I was in high school. After I entered PASUM with science line, I then understand the importance of having good meal and healthy lifestyle. I started to control my diet and went for jogging around the lake once or twice a week. Nope, its not about wanting to be thin or looking gorgeous, but its more like understanding the importance of becoming, and look healthy.

But a few days ago, I was told that becoming healthy and looking healthy is not just about us. Believe it or not, becoming healthy can also helps us in achieving Allah's bless. Or in other words, Allah likes it when we are healthy, because it shows that we are grateful for what He has given us.

You see, none of the things that we have belong to us. Our properties, knowledge and skills.. all of them are given to us by Allah, the most Gracious. And of course, our bodies are not excluded. He is Al-Khaliq, the Creator and Al-Wali, the Owner. THE OWNER? Yes, the owner, as only the owner can take control of everything, that is when He wants to switch us off and when to restart us once again, which I'm 110% sure none of us can do that.

Just like in everyday's life.. we do take care of other people's belonging very well when we borrow something from them, right, because they ARE the real owner. And since birth,we have been borrowing our bodies from our Lord and we dont even bother to take care of it? After I realized this, it knocked me real hard. Thanks to a friend of mine who told me this. I kind of took my health for granted since I started my university years.

But dear friends, have you realized that our bodies are so special? Because it functions in automatic kind of way, as we do not really have to control on what our bodies should do. For instance, once you start chewing, can you order the amylase enzyme to be secreted.. ? Like 'Hey amylase, its time to work now, buddy!' Well, it has never happened to me, but do tell me if it happens to you because you must be a not so special person then as you have to do it manually! Aww poor you ;p

And when the processed food starts to enter your stomach, can you order the gastric juice to be secreted? And when should the food/chyme be absorbed? Just because you dont see any toilets around, that doesnt mean you can delay every process that is about to happen (you know what I mean..)

Drink plenty of water is one of the ways to keep us healthy especially in our hectic life schedule

So we can never control them, because our bodies are not and will never be ours. Only the owner can control each and every single thing that happen in the body. So if we just neglect our health, our bodies, dont you think we are being unfair to the owner of it?

I think I've made my point clear enough. If before this we never really take a good care of our health (and dont forget brushing the teeth is one of 'em!), maybe this is the time for a change, for a better and healthier lifestyle. If we are already in the healthy lifestyle, perhaps this is the time to renew the niat of why we so want to be healthy- be it we want to look better, or the fact that we dont want to pay that huge sum of money for our medicine later. Whatever it is, there's one thing we should always remember on what Allah has said in the Quran;

Say: “Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds.

Yup, all that we do is for Him. So lets try out the healthy lifestyle! Starting, say.. today?


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