October 11, 2010

A friend in need, is a friend indeed.

How does a friend influence you in your daily lives? Seriously tell me, how many percent of yourself today is contributed by your friends? Or in other words, how many of us shaped our lives as what we have always wanted, and not because of everybody else's influence?

As for me, I can say that friends do not influence me much in my life. Probably because I am aware with what Rasulullah (saw) once said:

Narrated AbuHurayrah:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend. (Abu Dawud)

Or in other words, to be very careful in choosing friends. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for that knowledge. Though they do not influence me much, but certain friends to me do succeed in teaching me things that I really treasure in my life.

My friendship with this friend of mine lasted only one year as she went to further her studies elsewhere whereas I, continued to pursue my study in UM.

But this one year of friendship really taught me a lot. Knowing her, made me understand life much better and helped me to become a better person.

Dear Zurina, just in case you are reading this ( which the probability of it might be only 1%), I just want to say

Thank you for making me feel thankful for the life I'm having now

Thank you for teaching me to be strong despite the hard times I was facing

Thank you for becoming so calm when I just couldn't be

Thank you for becoming my mentor in my studies.. we both did well Alhamdulillah!

And most of all, thank you for this ukhwah, we both love each other because our love to the Almighty God, Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala

May Allah guide and protect you in whatever you are doing and bless this ukhwah. Hopefully we can meet up someday. If not in this world, in Jannah inshaAllah! :))


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