June 14, 2013

The fight


I always feel that life is just like a bowl of salad. It is a mixture of emotions. We might hate the broccoli in the salad, or the onion, but hey, isn't there, in that same bowl of salad, the ever sweet, crunchy baby carrot? And also the green and fresh capsicum?  And to make it more awesome, there will always be that thousand island sauce to make the taste just perfect when you mix it all together.

Likewise this life. We might hate certain things that happened in our life. We are saddened by the unfulfilled expectations. We break when being tested with calamities. But have we ever reflected that those tests and tribulations are not, and will never be constant? Rather, Allah tests us and gives us alternately, in accordance to what we can bear. And that, gives life its flavour.

So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief.   Verily, with every difficulty there is relief. (Quran 94: 5-6)

5 years in dental school is not easy. I've learnt A LOT of things. And its not just about managing teeth like most of you would think. But I learnt friendship. I learnt respect. I learnt to give. I learnt to take. But most importantly, I learnt about me.. Allah is kind enough to put me in my condition now so that I know Him better. So that I become a person who depends on no one but Him. Trade me with a million dollar in exchange to my moments and my life as a dental student here in Faculty of Dentistry University Malaya, and I can say that I won't even give a glimpse on that money. By Allah, being placed in this university, in this faculty is by far the best thing that ever happened to me..

With that, I'm sharing you a poetry that I wrote a couple of months ago- a poem which describes my love-hate relationship (well for now I think it's more of love ;) ) with dentistry. Its my first attempt of writing a poem, so pardon me if it is not well put or anything. Whatever good in it comes from Allah, and whats bad comes from myself.

The Fight

I was looking at the stars so bright
As if telling me to never lose sight
Well they say, to get there I need to give my blood sweat and tears
And I was wondering will I ever be able to give that throughout the years

It once crossed my mind whether did I really make the right decision
Because often times, the struggles that I faced shook my emotion
But I remember what my father used to mention
That I've already  swum half the ocean
So there's no point looking back at the shore
For indeed the island is waiting for me, and thats for sure
So I keep on swimming...

Until I met people who want nothing but to be the best
That sometimes they have forgotten about the rest
Then I wonder if our friendship lies only to the (clinical) case
Because if that is so my friend, then we have absolutely failed the test

But I'm just glad that most of my friends are just amazing
They keep giving me hope and so motivating
To all these people who are so beautiful
Know that your presence in my life are like the moon so full
And for this friendship I will always be thankful
And I'm thankful not only because of the bond that happened
But also for the chance for us to be here as a student
To be taught by the lecturers whom God have chosen
To train us to be the best of student, and therefore the best of human
And for these teachers, may you be rewarded the highest place in the Heaven

You see my dear friend
This is not just a mere poetry nor a song
But this is what the heart been wanting to tell you for so long
As we call ourselves 'insan', we know we are not that strong
We tend to make mistakes all along
So when things started to be wrong
It is then time for us to really understand
That we are actually weak, hence we cant comprehend
Whatever obstacles that may come in hand
So to whom shall we raise our hand?

Waking up in the night so dark I cant see
But my heart is so hollow I'm longing to see Him
He is ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem
He, who when everybody leaves me is still there
Keep giving me hope when I'm in despair
Mending the heart when it's in need of repair
To God I put my reliance
To God I put my trust
Because what am I to Him if not just like the dust
I trust His plan, where there lies my future
As He is indeed the best planner!

I sincerely ask for your du'a to make our (final year students) affairs easy, for Allah to bless the knowledge that we've obtained, to reward those who have helped me and other friends throughout our life as a dental student, to bless my parents who have been supporting me, and for me and my friends to be able to pass the exams with flying colours. May all of us manage to become dentists who concern not just to the head and neck region of our patients, but to their soul as well. Ameen!

IZ: 2 weeks before the exams! *shivers*



beautifully said.
dah exam ke?
hows is it?

Izyan Zainuddin said...

Kak shirah :) Bet u know the answer already. Heheh. Alhamdulillah :)

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