July 1, 2009

Just getting started.

Bismilaahirrahmaanir Rahim. Assalamualaikum wbt. Finally! Hehe yeah..I have my own blog! Selama ni asyik tengok orang punye blog je, mungkin ada sesuatu yg boleh saya tuliskan kat sini. Dan harap2 intipatinya bermanfaat inshaAllah.

Saya mungkin tak sehebat sesetengah sahabat di luar sana yg fikirannya subhanAllah.. kritis n kreatif! Dan blog ni pun guna bahasa rojak je haa. But it is really good to think that we may share our thoughts on certain things n when we are getting older, we will get the chance to take a look back at what have we wrote n plus,it may also be useful to our next generation to know what their grandparents did n had in mind when they were young! Haha.. like they really want to know ;p

I'm currently in my semester break right now and inshaAllah if everything goes well, I will begin my 2nd year of studies this 6th of July. I dont really know what's 2nd year life is going to be, tapi dengar2nye orang cakap seronok. U will meet your new friend, which is the dummy n u will get the chance to name them with cute names too. Dummy ni macam patients kita la lebih kurang, cuma dia x bernyawa je.. Lectures will start at 8 am until 1 pm n at 2pm, mesti dah ada kat optech lab n class finishes at 5 pm. Err okay.. now that does not sound really fun at all. But I'll let u know the truth once I've finished my 2nd year.. kalau masih ingat lagi inshaAllah :)

So okay, rasanya sampai sini dulu. Nanti bosan pulak asyik baca psl diri saya yg entah orang nak tau entah tidak. I actually want to make this blog as an educational one, tapi tu lah.. ilmu pun tak banyak lagi, but I will try to keep gaining the knowledge as much as I can.. and yeah, i'll put up stories too sometimes. Take care then. Wassalam :)

IZ: Esok holiday ke Desaru, Johor. Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan. Ameen :))


Raihana said...

tahniah yen..!

Izyan Zainuddin said...

heheheh.. tahniah akak ni mcm seorang ibu dpt baby pulak..:p nways, thanx..

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