July 11, 2009

The martyrdom of Allahyarhamah Marwa Al-Sherbini

Innalillah..I was startled and so sad when I read about what happened to our sister by faith, Marwa Al-Sherbini. She was a victim of racism in the country of German,that is well-known for its hi-tech stuff and so called civilised people yet has very very low respect for human rights. The late Marwa, 3-month pregnant was stabbed in a courtroom by a man who insulted her religion, calling her terrorist and tried to remove the hijab she wore. But what hurts me the most is that there was nobody, in that full courtroom, to stop this man from stabbing her. It was 18 stabs for god's sake! Oh yeah, the policeman was there, he let out a gun shot too, but it was not directed to the guy who attacked her, but instead, to her husband who tried to save his wife. Well congratulations mr. policeman, you sure do get yourself promoted for your SMART act and EMPATHY that lies in your heart.

Alhamdulillah this such case has never happened in my country, or at least I have never heard about it and wishes it will never happen. As the number of muslims in this world is growing, I realize that the hatred of non-muslims towards the muslims are also increasing. During my free time, I just love to watch the talks by muslim scholars and nasheeds at youtube and there will always be people who make fun and insult the muslims although the video has got nothing to do with them. A video about a boy reading the Quran and I just dont know how on earth can they make a conclusion saying that innocent boy is going to turn up into a terrorist one day. Err I beg your pardon, there is no evidence for you to say so and for your information, those people who read the Quran and really understand about it are the ones who are not going to become a terrorist. But somehow, I also feel pity to these people (the kafirs) because some of them dont know about Islam and just let themselves being manipulated by the western media.

I believe that many of us realize about this. Thus, it left us with one question. What are we gonna do about it? Now that we know many non-muslims dont like us, make efforts to change that! Nabi Muhammad s.a.w had left us 2 precious things that are going to guide us for the rest of ourlives; the Quran and sunnah. By understanding the Quran and practising the sunnah, each and every one of us will have a peaceful life and beautiful attitude. Go check nabi Muhammad's sirah. He never insulted the musyrikin who insulted him, but instead showing them his most beautiful attitude by visiting them when they sick and helped them when they need help. Therefore, we should never pray for the people who insult Islam to rot in hell though we really want them to, but pray to Allah so that Allah will shower them with hidayah and forgive their ignorance.

Though in the case of Marwa I know she must be a good muslim woman and tried to practise the religion as best as she could, then you may wonder why still there are people who hate her? I dont have the answer for that, but Allah does. He is the one who knows what exactly in our hearts and minds right now. But hmm I dont know, that man probably hold a grudge towards her about something. Well even muslims and muslims still hold grudge on each other today, let alone muslims and non-muslims. To Allyarhamah Marwa, may Allah grant you jannah and I just want you to know that your martyrdom will always become my inspiration- to stand firm by our faith no matter what awaits us. May your soul rest in peace...


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