September 9, 2009

Mari bersyukur.

Sudah sampai masanya kita bersyukur. Ya, bersyukur dengan benar-benar bersyukur dan berterima kasih, lebih dari sekadar ucapan alhamdulillah. Kadang-kadang bila lepas sendawa yang bau durian tu.. baru dengar ucapan alhamdulillah. Itupun diucapkan tanpa sebarang perasaan yang benar-benar terdetik dihati, yang mensyukuri nikmat yang dikurniakan. Ia umpama satu ritual. Bila sendawa, mesti cakap alhamdulillah, tapi sayangnya bibir yang bergerak itu tidak selaras dengan perasaan syukur dalam hati.

Soal bersyukur dengan rezeki is one thing, but one thing that is very common among us in this world is the feeling of thankful of what we are today.

How I wish I am smarter

How I wish I am prettier

How I wish I am I richer

How I wish I could trade places with her

How I wish oh how I wish

Sounds familiar to u? It sounds familiar to me. Well not really all of them, but hmm yeah, some of them. But alhamdulillah, I did not get carried away by it. Somehow Allah made me realize that those things are nothing. Allah made me realize that He had actually created me in the very best manner that I should never ever ask for more. When sometimes I feel like I should have been given better life than anyone else, reading this verse in the Quran is just enough to take me back down to earth and really be thankful to Him.

Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhanmu memaklumkan, "Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur,niscaya Aku akan menambah nikmat kepadamu, tetapi jika kamu mengingkari (nikmatKu), maka pasti azabKu sangat berat". SQ 14:7

See! Its a promise! And moreover its not a promise from your friend who always said that she's gonna be meeting you in half an hour's time but turns up 3 hours later, but its a promise from Allah, the One who created us and all the creatures in this world. And as a muslim, we must believe that Allah does not break His promise. It is either we are patient enough to wait for more of his nikmat to come.

It is weird though that some people tend to forget Allah when He already showered them with all the nice things in this world. Dan pelik juga bila ada orang yang hanya rajin ingat Allah bila nak exam atau bila berada dalam kesusahan. Atau pun dah tak pelik dah since this thing is so very common in our society. The question now is, adakah Allah itu hanya wujud bilamana kita dalam kesusahan? Dimana pula Allah bilamana kita diberi kejayaan yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan, dinaikkan pangkat dalam pekerjaan atau tiba-tiba diberi durian runtuh oleh majikan?

One thing we need to realize is, Allah is everywhere people. Yup, EVERYWHERE! And that means He is with you all the time. So why should we left Him out whenever we get what we want and only start seeking Him when we need something from Him? Seumpamanya kita menganggap Allah itu sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada.

And one more thing. When I keep thinking why and why I did not get what the others get. I found the answer.

If I was created as the smartest person in this world today, I would probably travelling all around the world, forcing people to admire me for creating/ finding new things with the high IQ level I have-na'udzubillah. Riak, ujub di situ.

If I was created as the prettiest girl in this world, I would have been busy attending photo shoots or maybe doing catwalking today-na'udzubillah. Pendedahan aurat, maksiat di situ.

If my pocket is full of money until it becomes as thick as a dictionary, I would probably buying things according to my nafsu without even thinking the relevance of buying them all-na'udzubillah. Shaitan's good friend I must say.

And most importantly, if I really get what I want to get, I will never ever be me today.

I'm not saying that me today is a perfect person with nice heart In fact, im FAR from perfect.. I make mistakes too u see, but what I want to stress out here is that it is okay if we dont get what we want because Allah has the reason for arranging our lives in such a way. It is just enough for us to be blessed with nikmat iman dan islam, because with those two, we can face whatever obstacles that are about to come. Chill.. Dont worry about what people may think of you because of how imperfect you are in their eyes, but instead lets just worry about how imperfect you are going to be seen by Allah if you have all the things in the world with you today. Dengan itu, marilah bersyukur ya. Setakat ini dulu. Wallahu'alam

The nikmat given by Allah to me that I am very very thankful for it. Can never trade it with anything.
p/s: ade sorang lagi abang sbnrnye, tp die x dpt cuti utk join kami makan angin time ni.. sian die..


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