October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ibu!!

Hajjah Siti Khadijah Zakaria- saya punya ibu :)

Salam. Its been a while since I last posted something here. Yea.. life these days, well not really these days.. I think my life is always in a rush. Eversince I entered dentistry, I hardly have a very nice life routine. Adequate rest? Naah. Dont even dare to dream for it. But somehow I think I'm getting used to it. I probably am so tired that I dont even have the energy to complain anymore. Hoho. Okay, thats a lie. I did complain a lot, but now I kinda regret it. Allah adalah perancang terbaik, remember? All these hardships I'm going through, there must be a reason for it. So lets just face it with a smile :D

So okay, enough about me. As the title stated above, I would like to share with u guys, someone who is very special to me, who just celebrated her 52nd birthday some days ago. And that someone is none other than my beloved mummy! Happy birthday ibu!

So, on wed night we went to have our family dinner somewhere in PJ (or was it Bangsar?) after my family picked me up from UM. Malam tu jugak ada jamuan raya di fakulti. Hmm to choose friends over family, I dont think that is appropriate. And plus, it was my mother's birthday we were celebrating that night. Of course I will never let that go.

So kami pun makan lah di restoran tu. And what I have to say about that restaurant is, the service was 1st class! Well probably because my dad was super ramah with the waiters too. Sebab lepas waiters tu tahu yang kami ni datang makan sebab meraikan ibu, diorang pun buat surprise by presenting us a cute chocolate cake that came along with a birthday song by them. Okay, though we didnt quite understand the meaning of the 2nd birthday song (most of them are from Nepal, Myanmar,.. etc) but we really appreciate their effort. Ibu pun senyum je malam tu walaupun tak sihat sangat.

Hmm sebenarnya bukanlah birthday ibu yang hanya dikira mengikut kalendar masihi tu yang kami nak sambut sangat. Lagipun, apalah yang ada pada usia. Its just numbers. But what we were celebrating that night was just to show ibu how much we love her. To me, ibu is so special. Yea i know every daughter will say the same thing about their mother. But, yes, she is special.

Kalau saya di UM dan tak balik rumah, selalu dapat bekalan makanan yang dihantar. Lengkap dengan tisu, sudu, dan makanan yang banyak sampai boleh dikongsi dengan kawan-kawan kat bilik lain. Dan bila makan tu selalu terbayang betapa dengan penuh kasih sayangnya ibu bungkus untuk saya dan kawan-kawan.

And one thing that I realize about ibu is she hardly complains about anything. I mean, life is so full of obstacles and challenges that always make our lives miserable but I rarely heard any complaints from her. Cuma sesekali tu ibu tewas dan air mata tumpah juga. But again, not a single complaint atau keluhan keluar dari mulut ibu. And I know I really need to learn this from her. Huhu. (baru perasan pasal ni cuz Eda mention bout this that night)

To ibu, though I know u wont be reading this cuz u never really care wat internet does to our daily lives (comel je ibu), but I still want to say thank you very much for being my ibu. Thank you for standing by my side whenever I feel like this world is going to fall on me, thank you ibu, for being part of me. Without u, I'm nothing. Yen doakan semoga ibu dipanjangkan umur dalam iman dan taqwa supaya kami, anak-anak ibu ni dapat buat sesuatu utk balas segala jasa yang ibu curahkan ke atas kami. Saaayang ibu! :D


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