February 13, 2010

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Assalamualaikum. Finally.. I do manage to find a time to put something in here. After weeks of not updating, sometimes I just feel like deactivating this blog. The content is not that good ( I always feel this when I read other blog and compare it to mine :( ), the layout is boh-ring.. etc. But hmm, I just cant give up, can I? Well I'm not writing this blog just for fun. It is time-consuming I must say. You yourself must have reasons for creating your account in the 1st place. so yeah.. just keep going! And I'll search for the coolest layout afterwards.

Last week was the exam week. And right now we are in the tawakkal mode. It is weird though that there can be people who do not believe in the presence of God. I mean, where do they put their hopes on? What is their purpose of living in this world? Alhamdulillah.. thank you Allah, for giving me this biggest nikmat for letting me born in this beautiful religion. Done with the exams, so now it is up to Him to give the best for me. Of course I can hope for my results to be excellent, but Allah's plan is way better. Get it or not getting it, I believe its just for my best.

Okay, lets switch to other topic. Hmm ever experienced a feeling called 'stress' in your life? I've experienced it in some parts in my life. But hey, its normal right? I always think its normal until a few days ago that my neighbor suddenly 'burst' and causing our neighborhood to be stunt with his actions!

The story actually began when I,who was actually studying for my exam at home, n my fam heard the voice of people screaming and as if throwing stuffs to the wall, that night. So the probabilities would be:

1) There's a quarrel in the next house
2) Some people are being possed!

So, my family (tolong jangan bayangkan satu keluarga yang busybody letak telinga kat dinding untuk tau perkembangan jirannya, walaupun kami berkelakuan agak macam tu the other night *hehe*) or to be accurate my brothers went to our neighbor's house to know what was actually going out. The rest were just peeking behind the curtain. We were not being busybody, okay. We were just curious to know :p

And to our shock, it was neither the earlier hypothesis. He (my neighbor) was actually having a psychosis after constantly being stressed-out. An ambulance came, and he was hospitalised after that, but returned home the next day. I was kind of disappointed with the decision made by the hospital actually, ie to let him go. How come he can be well just after one night stay at the hospital?

And the next day, he went nuts some more and scared this neighborhood to death. Ringing our doorbell non stop, trying to get into our house, climbing over a van belonged to another neighbor, scattered all the rubbish outside the house, wore less clothes... how scary is that?

There are many rumors going on in this neighborhood regarding the underlying cause of this disorder he's suffering. I dont really believe the rumors though. But what affects me the most is that I am actually seeing a behavioral disorder, a change of behavior from normal to very2 abnormal ( you'll say this if you look at his condition in front of your eyes) if you have a problem and not able to settle it out.

And it is so sad that now he has to be warded in a psychiatric ward. The house is now always dark, telling that there's nobody in it as the family only consists of a mother and a son. When I think about it deeply, I have to say that there's a guilt I feel in my heart. Yes, we do greet our neighbors, and yes, we do give them foods whenever we have too much.. but we are not being considerate enough about things that are going on in their lives.

My neighbor and I are in the same age. Unfortunately, he does not have the chance to further his studies. His results were just so-so, so its kinda hard to place himself in local universities. Maybe if we were being more considerate about him, we could help him find a place to study.. a simple college should be okay I think, for him to have something in his life that make him occupied. He probably was so lonely too as he does not have other siblings to talk to, his mother is a bit OKU and his father already passed away. Perhaps if he has something to do in his life, the stress would be lesser.. May Allah forgive us for that.

After so much talk.. the point that I want to stress out here is that, if you are stress.. just dont keep it by yourself. Create a support group. Tell others about it. Tell Allah about it. If other people dont want to listen to you, Allah will. It is the best therapy so far, I think. Ask for His guidance and He'll show you the answer in various ways. But if you are so desperate for the solution of your problem, find a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist wont solve your problem actually, but at least they offer you multiple ways to reduce the tense in you. Relax, just dont worry about what others may think if they know you are meeting a psychiatrist; because what you want is for your mental status to be in a healthy state before you started acting peculiarly. VERY peculiar.


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