June 30, 2010

Reluctance Zero


As much as we want to make the people around us happy, they never make an attempt to make us happy

As much as we want to make everybody around us feel important, they never see us as someone that worth the thought

As much as we dont want to let the people around us down or disappoint them, they actually have the talent to make us disappointed

Does that mean we should stop doing what is good to do just because some people failed to do like we did to them?

NO! Absolutely not! You see dear friends, this life is rather short, and we never know when will be our turn to return to Him. So why not we use every single time, every single moment in our lives at its best?

Yes, I understand that some of us might feel tired of being kind to people yet they never appreciate it. But hey, like what I've mentioned in my post months ago, the two angles, Raqeeb and Atid are actually writing down every deed that we do! So na-ah, there should never be the feeling of reluctance in being kind to people. If they dont appreciate you, Allah will.. and it is all that matters!

Hmm perhaps Winnie the Pooh was right when he once mentioned:

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference

Yup, if there are some considerations being shown, maybe things are going to be a little bit better. Or shall I say, a LOT better.


merentas horizon said...

Sarah Basri like this ^___^

Izyan Zainuddin said...

Thanks. Me like kak Sarah Basri too =)

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