March 9, 2011


Masha Allah.. I just could not describe how busy I've been these past few days and yes, for more and more days to come too.Hmm I'm thinking of hiring a secretary, can I? Hehe joking! It's just that there are many phone calls to be made, many appointments to be remembered, many responsibilities to be fulfilled.. But looking at the bright side, dont you just feel thankful for having your time occupied, rather than wasting it for some things that do not worth spending your time for? But yea.. I just need some time to learn to manage my work systematically.

Just a reminder for my self, no matter how little times you have, and how many things you have to do, just do your part sincerely, whole-heartedly and perfectly (if it's possible). I remember hearing this hadith at some times ago and it hit me real hard

The Prophet [pbuh] said, ‘Surely, Allah loves those people who are sincere in their work [i.e. do it perfectly and accurately.’ [Collected by Al-Baihaqi]

Gulp! Terasa tak? It is the LOVE from our God, Allah swt, people! What more than you want than being loved by Allah. Berapa kali dalam hidup kita, kita buat tugasan yang diberikan ala kadar saja, biasa-biasa saja? So yup, no more messing around Izyan, you give service to people and they expect the best from you. It's time for a change now and yes, lets just start working effectively ^^

IZ: Currently experiencing this battle inside of me. O Allah show me the right path... Ameen ameen Ya Rabb


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