May 18, 2011

Top 4 reasons to clean your room


Yes, I know that most of us (university students) are in our loooong break right now and I'm just wondering what are you guys been up to, or planning to do for this 3+ months break. For any of you who still do not have any plans yet, why not start up this holidays with something thats just not gonna make you happy, but also for your mum to smile all day long. And I'm talking about non-other than massive cleaning! *^^*

This cleaning is not the usual cleaning that we do everyday. This is a massive one. Starts from folding each and every shirt in your wardrobe properly and to rearrange all those books on the stacks. Well, me and my sister did not really feel happy about this cleaning thingy at first.. I mean, who actually enjoy doing something tiring, but dear, once you see the results.. VICTORY! And your mum will be really proud of your efforts and when your father offers a celebration.. you just can't refuse. Here are some reasons why we should do massive cleaning.. and in my case, massive cleaning of my own room in particular.

1) Burn those calories
Ok, tell me, how many of us actually working out or doing exercises this holidays. Will it really be easy for us to go out after performing subuh prayer and actually go jogging at the nearest recreation center, or even just around our housing area? Personally for me, I find it very difficult. And plus with me being a female, the risk of getting splashed with acid (yes I read the news) is quite high if I were to go out on my own.. you just cant tell who are the psychos among the people around you. Hence, working out.. I mean cleaning up your room is one of the alternatives to burn those calories. It's like killing two birds with one stone, you'll be able to stretch the muscles and your room will also be squeaky clean ^^

2) Reminiscing old memories
When I was cleaning my wardrobe and drawers, I found a very precious box with letters and cards received from my childhood friends and lots of pictures too. How I miss my childhood life, there were smiles and laughters everywhere. Not that I dont like my life now, its just that when we were kids there weren't many things to worry about. And now, being a 22 year old, I couldnt feel more blessed having those people around me. They put some spices into my life and as I grow up, I understand people more and understand what to expect from them. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this wonderful life journey. Hmph I'm getting emotional here. Better stop.

3) Might found some money
Yea, yea.. this might not sound sensible enough but believe it or not, it actually happens to me! I actually found an envelope containing a lot of RM 1 inside it and its from my savings from school. Well though it's just a collection of RM 1 only, they are still money okay. And on top of that I also found an envelope of Korean won! I was looking here and there for this envelope because I remember I did not manage to spend all the Korean won that I brought to Korea last year. Thus, I am so going to money changer to change that to Malaysian ringgit, though my initial plan was not to change it back because I was thinking I might use that Korean won when I visit Korea again but only Allah knows when.. 5 years from now? 10 years? 20 years? Not going at all? So changing the money back to Malaysian ringgit seems relevant enough.

4) Rewards from Allah
And last but not least, just remember that for every single thing that we do with the intention to get the reward from Allah, then we will certainly get it.

“[And it will be said], ‘Indeed, this is for you a reward, and your effort has been appreciated.’”
(Al-Ihsan: 22)

Thus, correct the niat on why we do certain things. Cleanliness is something that is very much treasued in Islam. So before starts cleaning, just make some du'a in us that Allah will accept our cleaning effort, an effort done to get his blessings and rewards. Well, isn't cleanliness is half of faith?

Till then, selamat mengemas :)


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