August 15, 2009

Semester Break!!

Hurray! Its semester break once again! I've been waiting for this for soo long. Hehe. Life lately has been pretty hectic. I was too tired that sometimes I ended up sleeping at 10 o'clock and woke up the next day, blaming my self for wasting my time sleeping and not studying. But when I come to think about it, we are not robots, of course we need break. Even robots need break to recharge themselves. Just make sure its not too much. And I'm still blaming my self now for waking up at 11.15 this morning (I've performed my subuh prayer ok) yet I know my mum is going to fetch me up soon and I have TONNES of works to do; to clean my room, move my stuff to another room as I'm moving to a new room after this break ends, packing up books to bring home ( like I'm really going to read them all this hols, but I really hope I do. *wishmewishme). But wait, I'm wasting my time right now too by blogging here. Uhh.. izyan izyan.. you really need to learn to manage your time properly. Takpela, balik lewat sikit hari ni. When the feeling of wanting to write comes, it just can't be stopped.

This semester break I assume is not going to be as same as the previous ones.. the reason is because kak tini had gone back to Indonesia, thus it left my sis and me to do all the household chores. Okay, now I dont feel like going home anymore. Haha no, I was just kidding. I dont mind helping out as long as I still have time to enjoy my self at home. My sis had been doing the chores since kak tini left (this is because she was unemployed before so my parents pitied her and hired her as our maid instead) and I know she needs a rest too. Therefore, I need to make a schedule, what time should I work, study, going out.. so that this holiday is not going to be a waste of time...

SHOOT! Ibu just called and she's almost here. I havent even started packing!! I really need to go now. Wish I can write more though. Till then!


Zuhairi said...

Semoga eda berjaya menjadi bibik sementara yg cemerlang dan terbilang.

samihah said...

hepi holiday!! dok kat ruma baik2 tau..
jdi anak solehah yek...hehee
take care, hav a blessed Ramadhan ahead! =)

Izyan Zainuddin said...

eri: wahaha.. ye, semoga2

kak miha: hee thx akak. inshaAllah..
doakan ye.. btw, congrats on ur graduation! sila blanje sy mkn ye nnti :p

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